forever mine

Our love came quick

A perfect storm

flooded me desires

To touch, taste, Take

Rendering ass a rosy red

Giving a good soreness

Between nether lips

Saturate you with cum

Making love all night

First fuck of new day

You never the same

And forever mine



Banish sight and sound

Movement surrenders to the ropes

Absolute trust calms the mind

Nails angled sharp down breasts

Down torso acutely felt

Nipple hardens from a suck

Sending shockwaves down below

Some may fear but not the girl

Euphorically testing the knots

fuck toy

One day you’ll surrender

And I will possess you

Totally and completely

an obedient sexy slave

leashed under my rein

wrapped up in my chains

way past wet to dripping

streaking down glistening thighs

heavy thud of leather

making crimson cheeks

nipple bloodless from the clamps

a fuck toy of sorts

who only wants me happy

before you


My princess, my love, my life
You don’t know how bad I want you
Just to be together, that’s enough
Makes me feel bad that you feel used
By boys seeking only your body
Because there is such much of you to love
I wonder if I can ever fuck you?
I think we want it sometimes
raw earthy fucks and screaming orgasms
Right now I could only make love
Not about sensation but about expression
Just words, but one day you’ll feel it
I don’t think I knew of love
before you

Feral Harlot

The blur as we merge

bodies entangled with lustful moans

both taking euphoria

soaking the sheets with pleasure

ravaging you like a barbarian

biting, pulling hair, slapping ass

knowing you are a command away

from cumming like a feral harlot

Plethora of pleasures

Plethora of pleasures
carnal carnivals
sensory overload bursting
trembling multiples

corporal gaiety
each implement distinctive
in bite and mark
shades of magenta crayons

bondage rendering manakin still
sightless soundless skin drama
converging of fiery and icy drips
goose bumped skin greeting textures

cocooning the memories
merely existing until
voluntary servitude curtsies
erasing sub drop

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